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Elevator thoughts. The idea is still king.

Updated: Jan 23

Simply put, if you don’t have a good idea nothing you do in marketing is relevant.

Marketers and agencies spend countless hours running after metrics to measure the effectiveness of a campaign, building complex consumer journey maps based on the latest technologies that big internet companies design to drive more revenue but do not spend that same amount of time and money on the actual idea.

Maybe it’s because we live in a day and age where consumers consume content at such a rapid pace that brands are worried about missing out on that moment to connect.

Maybe it’s because of the evolution of film & photo technology, where your mobile phone can now do most of it, that we believe investment in actual full-scale production is no longer necessary.

We need to be nimble. We need to be quick. We need to drive results. A recipe for poor ideas which inevitably leads to poor content.

Many will argue that this is new world we live in and this is what consumers have time for. My counter argument then would be, why is it that people only share ideas that have clearly taken brands rounds of discussion and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce?

Apple, P&G, Nike, Adidas, John Lewis, Beats by Dre & more invest every year in great ideas.

Invest in creative talent that can bring to life the simplest of ideas in the most compelling of ways that will resonate with audiences across different social backgrounds. These kind of ideas will leave a mark on the consumers that engage with them.

I come across so many great ideas. Simple ideas that peak my interest and get me excited about the company behind them. Inspire me as a marketer to push myself and the agency partners I work with to demand more from ourselves.

But more importantly to keep the belief that without a good idea, everything else in the funnel will not deliver the KPI’s any brand wants.

One company that piqued my interest a few years ago was P&G. A company that is responsible for delivering the least inspiring products that you need to use in your house had managed to deliver the most inspiring of ideas in a series of commercials for the Olympics and the Winter Olympics. The campaign was titled, P&G - Proud sponsors of moms. No product shots. No beauty shots. Just a reminder that even great athletes have a mother that worked behind the scenes to get them to where they are.

Packaged with the right music, right cinematography and right cast, this was an idea that everyone could easily understand and be inspired by.

So the next time you’re sitting in a room and discussing KPI’s of an upcoming campaign ask yourself this: Would you want someone to cut corners in designing and building your favorite product?

If not, then why would you cut corners in designing and producing ideas that would make people want to call you their favorite brand/product?

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